What is a voided check?

You can take a check from your checkbook and write «void» across it in large letters and provide the check to your employer. A voided check is a check with the word “void” written across the front, which indicates that it shouldn’t be accepted for payment. The check can still be used to get the information needed for electronic payments. You may need to void a check when you make an electronic financial transaction. A voided check includes banking information required to ensure correct electronic banking transactions for people who pay bills online and or are paid via direct deposit.

  • Nevertheless, if you don’t have a check, you can head to your local bank branch and ask them to provide you with a check.
  • He found a difference in his records one day and noticed an unapproved transaction.
  • If a business desires to prove payment without exposing bank account info, they may use a voided check.
  • The recipient will be able to cash the check unless you immediately contact your bank and have them issue a stop payment on that check.
  • This check cannot be treated as a blank check and used to make any payments, but it can still provide relevant information about your bank account.

Ask the requester if they’ll accept a deposit slip or letter from the bank containing your account information in its place. If not, your bank may be willing to issue you what’s referred to as a counter check. The days of receiving paper payroll checks and taking them to the bank to have them cashed are long gone.

Voided cheques are often used to transmit banking details for the purpose of making an electronic transaction. If for a business, direct payment or electronic payment is necessary then a voided check can be used to process the auto payment setup. If you already sent a check to someone, then it is not possible to void it. The recipient will be able to cash the check unless you immediately contact your bank and have them issue a stop payment on that check.

If you write the wrong dollar amount, then you’d have to void the check to keep anyone from cashing it or depositing it. Never give anyone a blank check, especially someone you do not know because it could be used to make a withdrawal on your account. If you make a mistake while filling out a check, it’s paramount how to convert cash basis to accrual basis accounting that you void it or destroy it. You probably won’t use this check for anything, so keeping it is risky because it can be used for fraud. Try to keep a record of all your checks and write down what you did with every single one. Choosing “void” removes it from records and updates the account balance.

How to Write a Check and Uses for a Voided Check

Although the primary purpose of a check is to facilitate a money transaction, voided checks exist for several reasons. One group of motives derive from errors or changes in the transaction. For example, some information was wrongly written or the check is not needed any more because the transaction was cancelled. But another common reason is simply to send reliable information about the banking account to another person or organization. All you need to do is draw out a check, grab a pen, and write the word VOID across it. When doing this, make sure that the writing covers all of the blank space in the check yet don’t cover the account details.

  • As we start to move away from cash or checks, e-money transfers are…
  • Luckily, he had a voided check to prove the fraudulent activity and get the funds back fast.
  • Make sure you don’t make any errors when entering your account number and bank routing number in this manner.
  • For example, they help with direct deposit setups, with info like routing numbers and account details.
  • Here are some common scenarios for which you’ll need a voided check.

In order to set up a direct deposit, your employer will need your account details. They may ask for a voided check because all your account information can be found on there including your account number, account type and bank routing number. The most common reason to send a voided check is to share your account details with an employer. If you recently changed jobs or bank accounts, for example, your employer will want your account information and may ask for a voided check. If you need a voided check to set up direct deposit with your employer, you have a couple of choices.

In most instances, your employer will prefer that you enroll in direct deposit so they can send your earnings directly to your bank account on payday. A voided check is one that can’t be used to make a payment or otherwise withdraw money from your bank account. Whether your check is void and you don’t understand why or you’d like to void a check yourself, we can help. A voided check is a check that can no longer be accepted as payment from anyone.

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Although it has no monetary value, it still has legal significance as it proves banking information. It can be used to prove account ownership and set up direct deposit, automatic bill payments and fund transfers. A voided check is cancelled or invalid – it can’t be used for financial transactions. It can be voided due to various reasons, such as errors in filling out details, incorrect amount, lost/stolen checks or switching banks.

Alternatives to a Voided Check

The most common use for a voided check is to establish a direct deposit¹. If you’re going to receive payments from an employer electronically, you can send them a voided check, so they have all of your bank information. Once you write VOID on one of your checks, it automatically means that it becomes invalid. This check cannot be treated as a blank check and used to make any payments, but it can still provide relevant information about your bank account. You can always contact us and we’ll help you with whatever you need, as soon as possible. A void cheque is one that has been rendered invalid by writing “VOID” across it.

Definition of a Voided Check

There are a few reasons a check can be marked as returned for which the most common is insufficient funds in the payor’s account. For recording transactions or showing proof of payment, a voided check is handy. It makes sure the payment is accurate, and shows the money is not accessible by the check. Before, checks were physically marked as “void” to indicate cancellation.


This information is most often used to set up an electronic link to your bank account. They will then take that information and request an authorized withdrawal or payment to your checking account. Here are some common scenarios for which you’ll need a voided check. A direct deposit is a way that government institutions, employers, and other agencies pay their workers electronically, using your bank account details.

Whether scanning it on your computer or keeping a picture of the voided check on file. While owning a checkbook and writing checks to many people might seem a bit outdated, there are still plenty who prefer this method. Before giving an employer a voided check, it can make sense to first make a copy of the check, so that you know how the check was used. With a cleared check, the funds have been successfully cleared, or moved, from the payor’s account to the payee’s account.

You can also use a voided check to set up automatic payments to come out of your checking account automatically. If you don’t have paper checks, you can still get a check from your nearest bank branch. There may be a fee for this service, so make sure you ask before you start the process.

Even if the check has been made out to an individual, store, or other institution, it can no longer be used. And if the check is blank, the fields can no longer be filled out and used as payment. All you need to do is write VOID across the check, and no one is going to be able to make a deposit. These are the three main reasons you may need to provide a voided check, although there can be other scenarios where this would be required. You’ll just need your bank details at hand and then input them directly.

This will ensure it reaches the intended place without passing through third-party hands. After all, an email can be forwarded, exposing your check information to unintended parties. There are several common situations when someone will ask for a voided check, which the next section discusses. Your name, address, and phone number won’t be listed at the top of the check. If this won’t suffice, you may have to order a batch of checks overnight from your bank or a third-party and opt for overnight shipping. Fortunately, it only takes a few minutes to void a check and you won’t spend a dime.

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